Operation Cast Lead – What Was Not Achieved?

A few days ago, Israel’s chief of staff, Major General Bennie Gantz, was quoted as saying that a widespread, Israeli initiated ground operation (basically a Cast Lead 2) against the Hammas in the Gaza Strip is edging ever closer. It will be of benefit to list what was not achieved in the original operation Cast Lead with the hope that someone, somewhere, has learnt some lessons.

Operation Cast Lead:

  • Did not stop the firing of rockets from Gaza
  • Did not stop weapon smuggling into the territory – the quality and quantity of smuggled weapons only increased
  • Did not bring down the Hammas rule
  • Did not return Gilad Shalit home thus preventing the disgraceful deal for his release
  • Caused many casualties amongst the territory’s civilian population
  • Caused tremendous political damage to Israel

Time will tell if after years in which Israel allowed the terror organisations in the Gaza strip to arm themselves with hardly any interference, another operation will bring about better results.

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