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A Religious Secular Encounter of the Third Kind

Some readers might raise an eyebrow – how does an article about a religious secular encounter fit into a site dedicated to defence policy and national security? Well, as I wrote in a previous article about the Kingdom of the … Continue reading

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Israel’s Honour is not Less Important than the Lost Honour of Turkey

Despite the fear and the trembling, the weak knees and the repeated calls for caution and restraint from the Israeli Foreign Office, the same Foreign Office that only a couple of days ago went for the throat of Western European … Continue reading

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Good Morning to Israel’s Minister of Interior Security Yitzhak Aharonovitch

Sir. Yesterday you visited the Israeli Arab villages of Taibe and Tira. The recent criminal gun battle in Taibe that was compared by local residents to the war in Lebanon, and the murders and attempted murders which took place recently … Continue reading

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The Implementation of Israeli Sovereignty to the Last Centimetre

A relative of mine stayed for a long period in Japan as a young man. After he got used, for lack of any choice, to the monotonous diet of rice and uncooked fish, he discovered one day an Indian restaurant … Continue reading

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Guest Article – A Global Web of Considerations Enables the on-going Butchering of Thousands of Syrians

By Dr. Mordechai Kedar The horrible events that have been occurring in Syria for the past nine months raise a worrying question: Why isn’t the world getting involved in what’s going on there? Why did NATO interfere in Libya to … Continue reading

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For Heaven’s Sake – Cut Out the Chatter on the Comms

As a young man I once went through a short training session on the use of a pistol for self defence. The instructor, a colourful character with a reputation to match, demonstrated and trained us in the use of various … Continue reading

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Israeli Towns and Villages Should Learn from Their Arab Neighbours How to Declare Presence

The so called ‘Mosque Law’, aiming to limit the volume of mosque loudspeaker systems calling for prayer early in the morning and during the day, and suggested by Member of Knesset Anastasia Michaeli, will not be passed. And if it … Continue reading

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