The Palestinians Rejected the Deal of a Lifetime – in 1947

This will not be a long and wordy article – a good image is worth a thousand words. The attached map shows the partition plan for the land of Israel prepared by the UN in 1947. The orange areas were to be given to the Jews, the yellow ones to the Arabs. The Jewish institutions, led by David Ben Gurion, accepted the plan. The Palestinians and the Arab League rejected it. The Arabs assumed that they will be getting the whole of the land of Israel, not just part of it, once the British left and the armies of seven Arab countries would have completed the slaughter and transfer of the Jews.

The British left, the armies of seven Arab countries attacked the Jewish settlements in Israel. Something had gone wrong with the original plan and the Jews won the war.

So, Mr. Abu Mazen, President of the Palestinian Authority: If you are a reader of this site (and if you are not – I recommend that you become one) – make a printed copy of this map, frame it, and place it on your desk. Had your forefathers not been so greedy and bloodthirsty, this could have been, for the last 64 years, the prospering and flowering greater Palestine.

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