The Extreme Right Wing Rioters who Attacked the Ephraim Brigade Base – To Jail Now

There is no need to say much or to mince one’s words. Jewish extreme right wing terrorists attacked IDF soldiers, their commanders, vehicles and brigade base throwing rocks, bottles and burning tyres. The police rushed to the army’s aid, the rioters were pushed back, and no one was arrested. Miraculously, nobody was killed. A miracle may not happen next time.

We, and our enemies, have learned a few important lessons from this event:

When IDF forces go out to the field to prevent or deal with events, their bases are left with a minimal level of defence. Next time, instead of 50 rock throwing Jewish rioters, it could be ten Palestinian terrorists armed with AK-47 assault rifles and explosive vests.

IDF soldiers avoid using reasonable force to stop these dangerous events in their tracks. Next time, a rock that would be thrown into the Brigade’s Deputy Commander’s Jeep, as did happen on Monday night, may critically hit his head without a single soldier daring to shoot rioters’ legs to save his commander’s life.

IDF soldiers need police help to deal with terror attacks. As one of the base’s soldiers said after the event: “They were many and we were few.” Thank God they did not also call for help the pest control department of the nearest local council.

With time, the media festival surrounding Monday night’s events will die down, as did previous media festivals – the Margalit Tzan’ani festival, the Gilad Shalit festival and the Moshe Katzav festival. Ministers, members of Knesset and senior officers will express their views and will go tut-tut. But will anything fundamental change? Netanyahu’s government is dependent for its existence on extreme right wing coalition partners and his hands are tied, both when it comes to a applying a root treatment to the problem of extreme right wing Jewish terror and to demolishing illegal settlements – the root cause of the latest riot.

In a sovereign state that wishes to survive, no one stands above the law. The identities of the rioters are known. They should be arrested immediately using all the necessary means, should be swiftly brought to justice and should be thrown into jail for long periods of time. If this will not be done, Monday night’s events at the Ephraim Brigade area of operations will be remembered as the night during which the State of Israel and its government let extreme right wing anarchy finally replace the rule of law.

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