What Will Israel’s Failing Public Relations System Do with Hammas Statistics of Murder

Today was the 24th anniversary of the Hammas terror organisation. In a large congregation of some 350,000 Gazan Palestinians who probably have not yet had enough with destruction and death, blood and tears, the organisation committed to continue its terror attacks until the final victory and the freeing of Palestine. Hammas also proudly presented the following statistics.

During its twenty four years of terror activity, the organisation:

Launched 11,000 rockets and mortars into Israel

Killed 1,365 Israelis

Wounded 6,411 Israelis

Carried out 1,117 terror attacks, 24 of which included kidnap

And what is Israel’s failing public relations system planning to do with these cheerful statistics? Did the foreign minster invite all foreign ambassadors to a special meeting in which they were presented with this data alongside photographs and video clips describing what it is like to be on the receiving end of such activity? Did the UN Security Council receive an urgent demand to hold a special meeting and discuss Hammas’ terror? Was there a special news conference held in the Prime Minister’s office in which he described in his excellent English Hammas’ history of which the organisation is so proud?

Listen to and watch the news this evening – perhaps I have missed something.

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2 Responses to What Will Israel’s Failing Public Relations System Do with Hammas Statistics of Murder

  1. Luke says:

    I think they are a resistance movement. They are entitled to resist occupation. The thousands of tonnes of ordnance that Israel drops on civilian populations in the besieged Gaza strip is far more damaging than the homemade rockets used by Hamas.

    • Much Courage and Peace says:

      The Gaza strip is not under occupation – Israel had left every inch of it including the Philadelphi route through which arms smuggling continues unabated, but Hamms had not stopped rocket launching. There is nothing home made about these rockets – they are standard issue Iranian army Grad rockets. The sea blocade of Gaza is leagl by international law and is there to to prevent much heavier weapons from being brought in from Iran. May I remind you – before the rocketing terror campaign from Gaza began, tens of thousands of Palestinians crossed into Israel every single day to work and earn a living. They hate Hammas and the destruction it had brought upon them. Only today, Hammas leader Haled Meshaal stated that armed terror will continue inside Israel even after the establishment of a Palestinian state. Sorry – but there is no partner for peace there. And BTW – thousands of tonnes of ordnance would have not left a single soul alive or a single building standing in a city the size of London. So let’s not get carried away, shall we?

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