Those Who Take Action Should Not be Surprised by the Reaction

Every aspiring scientist can write an essay of many thousands of words to express a complicated theorem, either proven or false, that very few people will understand. It does however take a genius to simplify a scientific theorem to the point where it can be expressed in one sentence that any child could understand.

Such genius was Sir Isaac Newton, who at 26 years old was already a Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University and who is considered one of the three greatest scientific minds of all times. There is no room here to list all his achievements in the various fields of Physics and Mathematics which occupied him during his life and for our purpose I will only quote the third of the three Laws of Motion he defined as a young man and that laid the foundation to Classic Mechanics. And so wrote Newton:

To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.”

Is that it? I can hear you ask. Is that all?

Well, many things look simple and self explanatory after they were stated by a genius. And more importantly – it is the simplest things that we most easily tend to forget. Those who take action and forget Newton’s Third Law always find themselves surprised when they are hit and shaken by an opposite reaction of equal magnitude. Therefore:

Do not be surprised, Israeli organisations of the extreme left, funded by foreign money and making maximal use of Israel’s democratic tools in order to undermine democracy itself, when laws limiting their activity and examining your funding will be passed by the Knesset.

Also, do not be surprised, Israeli organisations of the extreme right, who believe that their messianic vision places them above the law and who act violently both against their Palestinian neighbours and against IDF soldiers who protect them day and night, when you will be met with a firm hand and some of you will find yourselves behind bars.

Do not be surprised, extreme nationalistic Israeli Arab members of Knesset, who take part in provocative flotillas breaking international law and brazenly lie to international boards of inquiry, when other members of Knesset place limits upon your movements.

Also, do not be surprised, members of Knesset from the extreme right, when your flag waving marches at the heart of dense Arab populations are met with a hail of stones.

Do not be surprised, talkback writes on Israel’s news websites, who use extreme racist language and sometimes incite directly to murder, when laws making you libel to heavy financial fines are introduced by the Knesset.

Do not be surprised, the ultra orthodox, who try in any way to force their ways upon fellow citizens from Israel’s secular population and limit their lives, and who recently took upon themselves to remove women from public spaces, when you will find choirs of women meeting you with powerful singing at any bus stop.

Do not be surprised, Israel’s media channels, who clearly lean towards a very distinct political view, when someone who has had enough of this and has the necessary financial means, establishes a daily newspaper which presents a more balanced political view and distributes it free of charge to Israel’s citizens.

Do not be surprised, judges of the Israeli High Court, who themselves elect like minded judges to vacant posts and who also have a very distinct political leaning, when both the people and the government of Israel demand a balancing say in the process of appointing new judges.

Do not be surprised, leaders of terror organisation factions in the Gaza strip, who regularly fire rockets into Israel, when a missile fired from a drone wipes off both you and your vehicle.

Do not be surprised, Arab tyrants who massacre their own people, if when the blood bath is over you will find yourselves in the hands of a lynch mob on the bonnet of a Jeep.

Do not be surprised, the extreme Islamists who are about to take political control of Egypt, when your country will sink into an economic and social abyss, and most freedom seeking, educated and secular liberal Egyptians will run abroad for their lives.

And last but not least – do not be surprised, dictators of Iran, who made it their mission to wipe Israel off the map, when you nuclear project will itself be wiped off, and the subsequent radioactive fallout will prevent any access to your destroyed nuclear facilities for hundreds of years.

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