Best of Luck, Young Female Pilots – the Sky is the Limit

Again, here is a single image which is worth a thousand words. Five young women, nearly teenagers, who yesterday graduated successfully from the Israeli Air Force flying school.

Those who bad mouth, criticise, predict doom and gloom or are just plain chauvinists should be reminded – women have been flying aircraft, and spacecraft, for well over a hundred years. From intercontinental flight pioneers like Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart to the Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, and to Eileen Collins, the first female commander of the American space shuttle, women took off to the skies, achieved impressive records, took risks, and at times paid with their lives.

The success of the five new female pilots represents everything that is enlightened and progressive in Israel’s society. It is also a finger in the sanctimonious faces of those attempting to drive women away from public spaces and those who wriggle out of military service using false claims. In time of crisis, when you lot will be hiding in your holes, they will be there to protect you as well.

Dear girls – take off and return safely.

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