Thank You for Your Time, Mr. Dagan. Next Please?

This week, in an interview he gave to CNN, US Army Chief of Joint Staffs General Martin Dempsey echoed the words of his Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta on the subject of Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons. They main points of both interviews were:

Iranis very close to acquiring nuclear weapons.

The sanctions so enthusiastically promoted by President Obama do not work.

Iran obtaining nuclear weapons will be a crossing of a red line which the United States will not be able to accept.

The United States is gearing up for a military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities which will be an available option to the US administration when it comes to take crucial decisions regarding the future of the fight against Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

In an interview that the former head of the Israeli Mossad Meir Dagan gave Ilana Dayan on her program ‘Uvda’ (Fact), Dagan said that in his opinion, Iran would not have nuclear weapons before 2015, and warned of the disastrous results of an attack on its nuclear facilities. In a previous article I have asked Mr. Dagan a few questions that were not raised during that interview and that questioned his views on this subjects. This week, the American Secretary of Defence and the Chief of Joint Staffs joined a long line of politicians and intelligence bodies who, based on the intelligence they hold, estimate that an Iranian nuclear weapon will be ready long before that, within less than a year from now. A member of my family used to say: “If twenty people tell you that you are drunk, go to sleep.”

Mr. Dagan. When Ilana Dayan asked you what your activities these days and your plans for the future were, you answered: “To do for my own household… to make money.” Yesterday we were informed by the media that a company you are heading was given the rights to search for Uranium in the area between Arad and Sdom. I wish you success. If you find Uranium, please check carefully who you sell it to and which third party they might represent. What is missing in Israel these days is not Uranium, but the determination of the political and military leadership to use it if Israel’s existence will hang in the balance.

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