For Heaven’s Sake – Cut Out the Chatter on the Comms

As a young man I once went through a short training session on the use of a pistol for self defence. The instructor, a colourful character with a reputation to match, demonstrated and trained us in the use of various firing techniques and later took us down to the range where we practiced life firing at cardboard figures. At the end of the day, the instructor summarised the session with these words: “Never expose the fact that you are carrying a pistol unless you intend to shoot to kill. And if you have exposed your pistol, do not hesitate for a second – shoot to kill.”

Last night, again, an article appeared on the Israeli media detailing the IDF’s preparations for a future ground operation against the terror dens in the Gaza strip. Someone in the Military Censor’s Office (does this institution still exist?) must have approved the publication and presumably was not drunk or in a coma. A few months ago a similar article was published. I ask myself: Why does the enemy need to know that the IDF had established a unit called SAMUR as part of the YHLM reconnaissance force whose job it will be to fight inside the tunnels? That it is equipped with robots? That the IDF intends to send soldiers into the tunnels to fight underground? How many live murderers will Israel release one day in return for the bodies of a few of these soldiers who will be buried alive in one of those tunnels? Why is it necessary to update  the enemy with the fact that the IDF already has means of detecting terror tunnels near the borderline, but not deep inside the territory? Why is it necessary to detail operational plans and methods of rapid prisoner interrogation on the battlefield?

Operation Cast Lead, to which I referred in a previous article, did not achieve any of its declared or undeclared aims, and caused Israel tremendous political damage. Worse still – it exposed to the enemy operational methods and means of war that took a long time to develop, without destroying that enemy. If anyone is seriously considering another ground operation in the Gaza strip, they are strongly advised to cut out the chatter that helps the enemy prepare to maximise casualties amongst our soldiers, and to define the exact aims of the operation and not leave the Gaza strip before they were achieved in full.

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2 Responses to For Heaven’s Sake – Cut Out the Chatter on the Comms

  1. Harvey says:

    I’m sure the IDF have their reasons for going public with their modus operandii . I don’t think anyone outside the command structure should attempt to second guess .
    As for Cast Lead , it went as far as it could without turning Gaza into another Stalingrad or Grozny . According to Hamas own figures, some 800 fighters were killed . Considering this war was fought in major urban enclaves , the number of civilian casualties was remarkably low . As of course were IDF .
    Fighting street to street ,house to house in gaza city would have proved a civilian blood bath which Is what Hamas were hoping for .
    Israel went as far as it dared . It’s true that others such as the Russians would have finished the job but at what cost ?

    • Much Courage and Peace says:

      Hello Harvey and thanks for your comment.
      Please read my previous article: ‘Operation Cast Lead – What Was Not Achieved’.

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