The Implementation of Israeli Sovereignty to the Last Centimetre

A relative of mine stayed for a long period in Japan as a young man. After he got used, for lack of any choice, to the monotonous diet of rice and uncooked fish, he discovered one day an Indian restaurant in one of the streets of the town in which he resided. After eating to his heart’s content he made his way home and called me immediately to inform me with great excitement: “I have just experienced enlightenment. I understood what was missing from my life. Curry!”

When I watched today a few video clips shot in the town of Beit Shemesh (which is experiencing extreme violence from ultra-orthodox bullies) I also experienced enlightenment. I understood what is missing in today’s State of Israel in a big way. Sovereignty. Sovereignty to the last centimetre. The expression was indeed coined by the IDF’s Northern Command and became known to the public after the murder of Battalion Commander Dov Harari by a Lebanese sniper. But sovereignty should be implemented to the last centimetre not only along the winding line marking the borders of a state, but also in another place, no less important – within that state.

Therefore, it is high time the State of Israel implemented sovereignty to the last centimetre:

In the streets of the neighbourhoods over which ultra-orthodox took control and turned the lives of their earlier residents into a violent nightmare

In southern Tel-Aviv, Arad and Eilat, where parts of the towns were turned into third world mini-states flooded by border infiltrators and illegal work seekers who have nothing to do with war refugees and asylum seekers

In illegal settlements in the West Bank from which extreme right wing rioters come out to carry out their ‘Price Tag’ activities

In the roads of the Galilee and the Negev, where young hooligans with no driving licences drive like lunatics and cause fatal accidents

In the towns of the south where the payment of protection money by business owners to criminals is the norm, not the exception

In schools where students and parents violently attack teachers and other students

On the beaches where 4X4 vehicles and quad bike drivers go wild on the sand and Jet Ski riders go wild on the water

In the Upper Galilee where Jewish farmers sell their land to Arab buyers backed by Saudi money

In the streets of Netanya, Holon, Ramle and Taibe which became firing ranges used by organised crime families

In those town halls and local councils where corruption and bribery is rife

In the villages of the Sharon where houses are burgled time and again and cars are stolen and passed on to vehicle abattoirs

I hereby propose to adopt the motto Sovereignty to the Last Centimetre by all those who tackle and publicly protest against the above acts.

If you wish to add the list other areas of life where the State of Israel should implement its sovereignty to the last centimetre, please leave you comment below this article.

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