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Drug Consumption is Damaging Israel’s National Strength

The headlines concerning the arrest of 15 soldiers, some serving in elite IDF units, for consuming and dealing with drugs, quickly disappeared from the media channels and were replaced by other, more saucy headlines. The phenomenon itself, which has been … Continue reading

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The United States is Learning that Strategic Might Begins with Fiscal Responsibility

America’s Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta announced this week a deep cut in the United States’ defence budget starting from 2013. The cuts will mainly hit American ground forces which will be reduced by 13%. The army will lose some … Continue reading

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A Little Life Story for the International Holocaust Memorial Day

I read yesterday about a survey carried out by the German magazine Stern, which found that over a fifth of German youth do not know that Auschwitz was a death camp. This finding rewound my memory some twenty five years … Continue reading

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Operation ‘Market Garden’ – The Lessons of a Failed Vertical Flanking Manoeuvre

The discussion which took place between several Israeli readers after I published last week the article about the Paratroopers Brigade exercise, brought me back to read again about the largest airborne military operation ever to take place – Operation ‘Market … Continue reading

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Obama’s State of the Union Address – “No, We Can’t”

In his speech before congress last night which focused mainly on the American economy, President Obama devoted a few minutes to the issue of Iran’s nuclear program and repeated the hollow clichés we have already heard so many times in … Continue reading

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Dedicated with Compassion to Israeli Politicians who are Living in a Film

Older readers, who, like me, were teen-agers during the sixties, may still remember the film ‘Grand Prix’ that came out in 1966 and described the lives of Formula One racing drivers during one racing season. The questionable hero of the … Continue reading

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Senior Appointments in the IDF – Long Live the Banana Republic

In the last few weeks we have been hearing from the Israeli media about the disagreements and the political pressures, which are about to reach a boiling point, regarding the appointment of the next commander of the Israeli Air Force. … Continue reading

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