Heavens Forbid – Two Female Soldiers Hugged in their Base

In case you did not know, the IDF has a new order – the Appropriate Integration order. It deals with the integration of male and female soldiers into the army, prohibits hurting feelings and honour, and prevents male or female soldiers from showing physical affection towards each other.

Two eighteen year old girls who – unlike many girls their age who avoid military service – joined the army, found themselves in a new, alien and complex world, far away from home and family and physically and emotionally tough. They found solace and encouragement in each other’s company. When their initial training period ended and they were about to be parted and continue on their separate ways as soldiers in the Intelligence Core, the two dared to hug each other, heavens forbid. The court martial they were about to face was finally replaced by a few hours of delay before going home.

Soldiers have always hugged each other. In moments of happiness or sadness, on days of victory or defeat, when training courses ended or demanding missions accomplished, and near the graves of their comrades who fell in battle or during training. I was there, and I hugged too. Sometimes I cried as well.

The madness of political correctness must come to an end. Soldiers did and will hug each other. Whoever is uncomfortable with this should turn their heads the other way. Iran is not here.

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