The Retired Senior Security Official Does Not Stop Chattering

Again – the retired senior security official continues to chatter himself to oblivion. This time in an interview to the New York Times following the assassination yesterday of an Iranian nuclear scientist. As we have already seen in the past Israel’s media quoting the words of people who did not say them, I took the trouble to read the original article in English on the New York Times web site and translate it myself to Hebrew. After the retired senior security official finishes splitting hairs and showing his great wisdom in quoting Arabic proverbs, he concludes with these deep words: “I think the cocktail of diplomacy, of sanctions, of covert activity might bring us something. I think it’s the right policy while we still have time.”

Well, Mr retired senior security official – ‘might’ bring us ‘something’ is simply not good enough. There is no more room for speculations – what is needed is decisive action. And no – we no longer have time. Every day that passes in which more centrifuges begin to operate in a bunkered site 90 metres under the ground near the city of Qom, is a day we will deeply regret in the future. And as for the idiotic uttering: “It’s not enough to guess. You can’t prove it, so you can’t retaliate” – I would have thought that after the humiliations of 2006 and 2008 senior security officials would have learnt some humility. The Iranians can definitely retaliate, both from the point of view of taking the decision to do it and the operational capability to carry it out. I would not be surprised if this time they will do it with brutality, at a time and a place that will take either Israelis or Jews by complete surprise. There is no better recipe for a disaster than not taking the enemy’s capabilities seriously.

And if we are already dealing with chatter – is it really essential to report to Hezbolllah’s and Hammas’ intelligence officers how the crews of the Israeli ‘Dvora’ naval patrol vessels are preparing to the possibility of a kidnap of a soldier, how the military industries are developing, with the navy, an advanced anti-missile defence system for the ‘Dvora’ based on the ‘Wind Jacket’ system installed on Mark 4 ‘Merkava’ tanks, and on how the navy is acting to equip the vessels with a new missile, perhaps the advanced ‘Lahat’, that uses laser to home on its target? If we did not spill all this information into our enemies’ ears, would someone feel that they have not done their day’s work?

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