Drug Consumption is Damaging Israel’s National Strength

The headlines concerning the arrest of 15 soldiers, some serving in elite IDF units, for consuming and dealing with drugs, quickly disappeared from the media channels and were replaced by other, more saucy headlines. The phenomenon itself, which has been swept under the carpet for many years, did not disappear however. What was published yesterday is just the tip of the top of the iceberg, one of several icebergs that could sink the state of Israel.

National strength is an elusive concept, difficult to define and impossible to measure. Yet, we can all sense it and its flowing and ebbing intensity and so can our enemies, who are constantly watching us like wild animals focused on their prey, waiting for an opportunity. There were days when the national strength of the Israeli people was taken for granted and what required strengthening was the military might of the state. With the passing years, things have changed around. Israel has no shortage of planes, tanks, guns, ships and submarines – but in the national strength of the people, cracks have appeared that cannot be ignored any more.

Many complex factors are eroding Israel’s national strength these days, but I consider five of them to be of the utmost importance: the avoidance of military service, drug consumption, violent crime, political-economic corruption and poverty. Each one of these deserves a long article which I might still write. I have already touched briefly on political-economic corruption in the article about the vermin that was made Kosher and the Hollyland affair. Here I would like to deal briefly with the consumption of drugs.

I will focus on Hashish, which is the most consumed drug within wide segments of the population, from teenagers and high school students through IDF soldiers and university students all the way to their parents, and of which the ignorance regarding its long term damage is very worrying. Our enemies know exactly what Hashish does, and a main motive in pushing the drug into Israel through its northern and southern borders, in addition to greed of course, is the constant erosion of the national strength of Israel’s people and society. From close association with quite a few Hashish smokers – normal people in every other respect – regular smoking of the drug causes weakening of will power, does severe damage to the ability to make sensible and considered decisions, and contrary to what some veteran smokers who claim they can stop consumption at will any time will tell you – is very addictive. I wish I had a Shekel for every time someone said to me: “I have not smoked since Sukot / Passover / Rosh haShana” just to see them disappear helplessly into their garden or car carrying the small tin box.

I may raise the wrath of many, but this discussion must finally take place. I am sorry, but I do not buy into the story that a soldier from an elite unit who smokes Hashish during evenings and weekends and “bangs his head” will suddenly become a focused, clear thinking and courageous fighter when the bullets start whistling.

Your comments on this subject are welcome.

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2 Responses to Drug Consumption is Damaging Israel’s National Strength

  1. Robert says:

    What rubbish!
    I have smoked Hash and herbal Cannabis many times in the past and will continue to do so when the mood strikes.
    I only use either one a couple of times in a month at the most and barely bi-annually at the least, if I feel like only having that much.
    It is completely non-physically habituating, much safer than any other social inebriate and a great aid to psychological introspection.
    Hardly a scourge to society, it should be championed over sugar and alcohol, two of the world’s REAL scourges.

  2. Much Courage and Peace says:

    Sorry Robert – you have missed the point here. I am not talking about smoking grass a couple of times a month and obviously not bi-annually. I am talking about several people I know very well who smoke a few joints of Hashish every evening and many more over the weekend. All of them have screwed their lives one way or another as a result. I can assure you that the extremely addictive brown stuff they smoke is not Muscovado sugar.

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