The Palestinians Live in a Lie and Sell the Lie

This morning, one of the ‘Zionist’ media channels published an article by Zuheir Andreus, the editor of the newspaper ‘Al-Khadat’ in the Arabic village of Tamra in the Galilee, in which, while singing the praises of Khanin Zuabi, he repeats the list of common Palestinian lies in the belief that if he will repeat them again and again someone will start believing them.

Mr Andreus – stop telling us about a state of all its citizens who live peacefully side by side as if we are talking about a second Switzerland, while supporting the inciters and liars who relentlessly subvert and undermine the foundations of this very state.  You are not capable of living peacefully beside Jews and you never were. You massacred them at every opportunity that came your way long before the State of Israel was founded – read the lovely descriptions of the 1929 Hebron massacre. Your ‘Nakba’ disaster, you brought upon yourselves – similar to what is happening these days, you were hoping that a coordinated external attack of Arab states’ armies in 1948 will bring about the collapse of the defences of the Jewish community after which you could embark on the massacre, looting and rape so typical in mixed communities from Lebanon to the Philippines and from Sudan to Indonesia. Palestinian terror continued nearly unabated during the fifties and the early sixties from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip into the green line of the 1967 borders. Long before the Six Days War you established the Palestinian Liberation Organisation – which territories exactly were you hoping to liberate? Today you sell to the world the lie that terror would cease when Israel will return to the 1967 borders. Had your previous idol Gamal Abdel Nasser not initiated the Six Days War, you would have avoided that disaster too, but you learnt nothing – your next idols were Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar Assad. When Iraqi Scud missiles hit Tel-Aviv, you danced on the roofs.

You live in a lie and sell the lie. You lie that Israeli soldiers opened fire on the passengers of the Marmara from the air even before the first soldier landed on its deck. Abu Mazen gives a speech in Qatar on the destruction of Muslim Jerusalem in the hands of Israel as if Israeli bulldozers were demolishing the Al-Aqsa mosque. You lie about hunger and deprivation in the Gaza Strip whilst the second shopping centre is being built there and Gaza’s children enjoy the new water park. You bemoan your bad fortunes in your neglected villages but do not mention in a single word the rife corruption within the councils of these villages.

You have a wet dream, Mr Andreus – a dream of a Palestinian state clean of all Jews, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, which will come into existence as a result of an Israeli defeat in the next war and the massacre of Jews that will follow. The moment you will think Israel is collapsing under the missile barrage, you will be the first one to run leading the inflamed mob armed with anything they could get their hands on and descending on the Jewish villages of Misgav screaming hoarsely ‘Itbakh el Yahud’ (‘Massacre the Jews’). This is how you will bring upon yourselves your next disaster.

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