A Journey in Time from the Pages of an Old Newspaper Straight to the Present

The French have a lovely expression. “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. Last night I was going through a pile of old papers looking for some document when, to my surprise, I came across the main page of an Israeli national newspaper, yellowing with age. The date at the top of the page was 9 November 1977. I sat down curious to read and remind myself what were Israelis occupied with on that day nearly 35 years ago and what were the main stories in the newspapers of that time. I decided to reproduce the main headlines here and let you, the readers, decide if the French were right when they coined the aforementioned expression.

The Air Force Attacks in Lebanon Senior figures in Jerusalem discussed recent developments and ways of response * “Deterioration is expected in the north” * “The ceasefire is off”     IAF jets attacked this morning terrorist targets in southern Lebanon. The attack came in response to the firing of Katyusha rockets on Naharia

“Top Alert” Within The Terrorists Opposition within the PLO to a withdrawal from the south     A top level alert was declared already yesterday within the terrorists ranks in preparation for the possibility of an Israeli action

In Front of Her Children, Rivka Lupo Was Mortally Wounded from fhe Katyushas in Naharia The two children and three more people – were wounded * “The IDF fired on the sources of fire and on terrorist concentrations” * The chief of staff in Naharia during the rain of Katyushas: “The terrorists broke the ceasefire”

The IDF Responded By Shelling The Terrorists – Thousands of Families Escaped To Tzidon Palestinian and Lebanese sources say 10 people were killed and at least 20 wounded

The US Expresses Hope for the Renewal of Ceasefire in southern Lebanon Condemns the Katyusha attack on Naharia and sends its condolences

The USSR Fears an Israeli Invasion of Southern Lebanon The USSR ambassador to Beirut Alexander Silratov said yesterday that there is a grave danger of an Israeli invasion into the south of Lebanon

The mayor of Gaza Rashid A-Shawa “A Palestinian Delegation to Geneva – Only Under the PLO”

As she came out of the White House yesterday Golda: One Should Not Doubt Carter’s Intentions Mrs Golda Meir came out of her meeting with President Jimmy Carter in the White House and told journalists that there was no reason ”to doubt Carter’s intentions and that with that, those who hold the best intentions in the world may be wrong.” “It is not a secret,” she added, “that there are differences of opinion between Israel and the US. I do not think we settled all those differences of opinion during our conversation.”

The US Rejects Israel’s Request to Produce the F-16 Fighter Jet Israel had already announced that it will buy 150 and not 250 of these aircraft, to save money

The South African Prime Minister “We Will Also Withstand an Oil Embargo” John Forester, South Africa’s prime minister, declared yesterday that his country is ready to face an embargo on arms – placed on it by the security council – and that it is also ready to face an oil embargo, should the security council impose one

Koch (a Jew) Was Elected to New York Mayor

Oil Found in a Drilling Site Opposite A-Tur It was decided to drill deeper * A layer of gas in “Fields 1”

In a report based of the testimony of Lea Tzemel Israel Accused in the UN of Torturing Prisoners in the Territories

Strong Condemnation In “Betzalel” to the Drawing of Swastikas The management, the Senate and the students of the art academy “Betzalel” strongly condemned yesterday the Swastikas on the photographs of ministers Ehrlich and Hammer

Rabbi Batzri Confirmed He Had Avoided Military Service Using a False Medical Document He is a candidate the role of the chief Sephardi rabbi of Jerusalem

Following the investigation in ‘Maariv’ A Call to Discuss the Crisis at the Tax Authority in the Knesset

It Was Decided: Not to Capitulate to the Pressures of the Exporters In a discussion between the managements of the treasury, the industries and the Bank of Israel it was decided: There will not be a ‘De-Lux’ reform

A request to arrest a suspect in soliciting to prostitution in Tel-Aviv was rejected Judge Opposes the Way Police Deals with Prostitution

Public Transport Fares Will Rise 15% in Average In cities – from tomorrow. Nationally – in two days time

A Magdal Crom Villager Killed in a Mass Brawl

A Builder Suspected of Fraud

No One Gets 6 Numbers in the “Lotto”

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