If Blood Must be Spilled on the Border Fences, Make Sure it Would Not be Israeli Blood

During my training as an officer during the early seventies I had a Sergeant Major who became etched into my memory. He used to describe to us in great detail the tasks we would be facing, the standards of behaviour he was expecting of us and what might be the consequences of deviating from these standards. He used to end his words with the following punch line: “…and don’t say later I didn’t know – I thought – I was told.”

Three human groups must undergo, during the week remaining till next Friday, a deep and fundamental preparation to what might become unprecedented bloody events, both on Israel’s borders and inside its sovereign territory. The first one is the IDF and the Israeli security forces. The second is the mob made of Palestinians, Arabs and foreign nationals who are planning to take part in these events, and the Iranians who incite and organise them. The third is the international community and its public opinion. The responsibility for this urgent preparation is placed unequivocally on the irresponsible shoulders of the Israeli government. Netanyahu, Barak and Lieberman – don’t say later “I didn’t know – I thought – I was told.”

The IDF and the security forces must be prepared to mass events that will hug simultaneously many sectors. Despite the Friday timetables published by the organisers, early and late surprises are likely. Also likely will be attempts to deceive the security forces as to the location of the main effort in each sector and for this the IDF will have to use crowd control measures and if need be, live fire, from the air, and to move these measures rapidly from sector to sector. It should be taken into account that Israeli Arabs and extreme left Israelis will try to reach the affected areas from within Israel and to stop them long before they could come anywhere near. Access to Friday prayers on Temple Mount should be limited to 45 year olds and above and to a limited number of them. The moment the number of those attempting to reach Temple Mount would rise above this limit they will have to be stopped as far as possible from there, and decisively.

To the inflamed mob warming its engines over Facebook pages and at the same time selling the bluff that this will be a peaceful demonstration, it must be made clear, both through quiet diplomacy and public international media channels, that nobody will cross Israel’s borders with its neighbours. Those who will try to break through the border fences by force will return home to their tearful families in a coffin. Fresh video clips should be passed to the international media showing what took place last year on the Golan Heights border during the second round, after the first round ended with an appalling loss of face to the IDF. The Palestinians, the Arabs and their allies must see daily on their television and computer screens what the idiotic attempts to break through the border looked like and how they ended, with a zoom on the dead being carried to the waiting ambulances with typical Arab hysteria.

On the international level, the prime minister himself should gather foreign diplomats and representatives of the international media and make it clear to them that the responsibility for the inevitable deaths on Israel’s border fences will lie solely with those who will try to break through these borders. No country that is at war with its neighbouring enemies would agree that anyone – armed soldiers or rioting civilians – would cross its borders and threaten its sovereignty. The prime minister must especially tell the representatives of those European and American countries from which extreme left activists are planning to arrive that their blood is in their heads – in the heat of events it will not be possible to tell the difference between an Arab, a Turk, an Englishman or a German.

The events of next Friday will take place because Israeli governments allowed the country’s deterrence to wear thin during the last twelve years. These events will be a golden opportunity to start restoring this lost deterrence.

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