Guest Article – Morality: on the Future of the Members of Kadima

By Zeev Jabotinsky

Even before the results of the primaries in Kadima were known, Tzipi Livni, in interviews she gave, called those who joined the Mofaz camp “Arikim” (defectors). She went on to say that if she would win, there will be a natural cleansing process of those “Arikim” from the Kadima list.

Livbi forgot that she herself was one of a group of Arikim (not to mention “Arikiim” – followers of Ariel “Arik” Sharon) from the Likud, when they established Kadima. But in contrast to the democratic contest in her movement this week, she and her friends stole the votes of Likud voters when a massive majority of these voters instructed them, in a democratic referendum initiated by Sharon, not to carry out the policy of the political opponents of the Likud movement.

They chose to betray the trust of their voters in order to implement the policy of those political opponents.

Livni and Mofaz were then only in the second line of the movement’s senior figures, including Ehud Olmert, who these days stands trial for a string of criminal charges, Chaim Ramon, who was convicted of sexual harassment, Avraham Hirshzon, who is serving a jail sentence, and Tzakhi HaNehbi, who was convicted of giving a false testimony, and when the general attorney’s office wished to appeal against his light sentence it could not do this due to the attorneys’ strike. It seems that it was the Likud which enjoyed then a very deep cleansing of non-positive elements from within its ranks.

Mofaz also did not suffer severe pangs of conscience. In my files there is still kept a personal letter from him to me, as a member of the Likud, in which he states categorically “One does not leave a home” and that he remains loyal to the values of the Likud. It was a whole page of empty blurb, because when his letter arrived in the post, Mofaz was already a member of Kadima and threw behind his back all the high principles of maintaining loyalty and public integrity, principles on which he blathered extensively in that letter he sent.

Now, after Shaul Mofaz’s victory, political commentators estimate that some members of the losing side will leave the Kadima movement, and it is not illogical to assume that a group of political refugees will form which will be seeking a political home for itself. It is likely that those who defected from the Likud in the past will try, in this situation, to recall the “home” and will start singing the ‘Beitar’ song loudly.

I therefore call right now for the Likud institutions to close the gates in their faces, and not to accept back into the Likud ranks anyone of those who left with Sharon in his time and even tried to destroy the Likud movement. Those who grossly weakened the Likud’s political views in the eyes of the public should not be allowed back, especially because their political acts created, due to the withdrawal from the Gaza strip, a tailwind for terror to the point of firing missiles at over a million citizens of the state of Israel.

Any other action would be unjust and immoral.

This article first appeared in the daily newspaper ‘Israel HaYom’

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