We Should Learn From the Americans How to Deal with Unwanted Visitors

It is unclear why Israel always finds itself on the hunted and explaining side after provocations like the Marmara flotilla and the breaching of the borders fences, and certainly of the kind we will see at Ben-Gurion airport this coming Sunday. Israel is a sovereign state and sovereignty should be established clearly and forcefully with no stutter or apologies When the Americans did not like the fact that the singer-songwriter Cat Stevens, known these days as Yusuf Islam, was on a flight from London to Washington, they ordered the plane to land at some godforsaken airport in Maine, removed Stevens from the plane and on the next day kicked him out of their territory on a flight back to London. No reason was given – the Americans do not owe anyone any explanation. A few years later the immigration authorities allowed him to enter in order to record and perform and again – no reason was given to their change of attitude.

Israel has detailed lists of hundreds of anti-Israeli activists who appear quite regularly every time an anti-Israeli provocation takes place. If Israel could declare the author and former S.S. man Gunter Grass persona non-grata, there4 is no reason why it could not do the same with the hard core of these trouble makers. The airlines must know that if they would fly anyone on that list to Israel, not only will they have to fly them back at their expense when Israel finishes interrogating them, but that they may also be heavily fined.

And the clowns who despite being declared persona non-grata would still wish to test Israel’s resolve should be placed immediately in a very very uncomfortable detention facility and be made to wait a few weeks until someone finds the time to interrogate them intensively regarding their links to terror organisations. At the end of the interrogations they should be placed on a plane belonging to the same airline that brought them in with a clarification that on their next visit they would be sent to jail for ten years. A promise that should be kept without hesitation in case they would not get the message.

Yesterday we were informed that IDF snipers are being trained to shoot at rioters’ feet in order to avoid as far as possible casualties in the coming holidays – the prisoner day, the Nacba day and the Nacsa day. The next step would probably be a firing practice at the nail of the little toe. I already said more than once – the Middle East is no place for the spineless. Whoever does not show sovereignty and does so in the most decisive manner can expect a constant rise in the numbers of provocations and their participants and a worsening of their aftermaths.

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