Mr Diskin – The Public is not Dumb and not Ignoramus

As is my habit, before I sat down to write this article I was not content with second source quotes and watched the video clip in which the former head of the security service Yuval Diskin talked about the Iranian bomb and about the prime minister and the defence minister. He was talking at a gathering of mutual shoulder slappers in some ‘Parliament’ in the southern Sharon. We have seen similar Parliaments in other areas in the past. ‘Ahalan’ and ‘Sakhbak’ and a lot of meat on the grill but very little outcome produced.

Mr Diskin Sir. The people you call dumb or ignoramus are not, and do not buy into your words so readily. I agree with you on one thing only – the public chatter regarding an attack on Iran is unnecessary and damaging, and indeed leaves the impression that a dog which barks would not bite. From here, unfortunately, you move on to a stream of nonsense, the like of which we have already heard from your colleague, the former head of Mossad Meir Dagan.

You claim that an attack on the nuclear facilities would bring an acceleration of the Iranian nuclear programme which, according to you, is at the moment moving forward slowly and cautiously. Let us start with the fact that there is nothing slow or cautious in the Iranian nuclear programme – it is advancing at a very fast pace with a constant increase in the ability to enrich Uranium inside facilities which are immune to a conventional attack, and in parallel, the wasting of time and the leading by the nose of suckers like President Obama. Continue with the fact that you admit that in any case, with or without an attack, the Iranians will possess a nuclear bomb. You remind me of the members of the Judenrat in the ghetto, who collected gold from the members of their community in order to please the Nazi commandant and slow the rate of transporting Jews on trains with a one way ticket – to the extermination camp. An attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities, if it would be carried out as it should and as is dictated by the threat – using tactical nuclear weapons – would completely halt the Iranian nuclear programme for many years to come.

You complain about the quality of the current Israeli leadership and say that you do not trust its ability to lead the state of Israel into such an action and out of it. You continue immediately by contradicting your previous words and saying that the actual decision regarding an attack is legitimate. Will you please, Mr Diskin, look around you at the Israeli political landscape and tell the people directly who you would trust to lead such an action? Mofaz, Lapid or Zehava Galon? Who exactly are your words meant to serve, which, just like the words of Dagan before you, are not clean of a clear political bias?

I will conclude with your words describing the actions of the prime minister and the defence minister as motivated by messianic feelings.  The feelings, Mr former head of the security service, are not messianic. They are existential and completely justified. Without a decisive action and very soon, the Iranians will have a nuclear weapon, and when the Iranians will have a nuclear weapon the state of Israel will be no more. As Binyamin Netanyahu said: “There would be nobody left to explain to why we did not act.” You recommended to others to stop the chatter regarding the attack on Iran. In the name of the people you define as dumb and ignoramus, I call on you and recommend to you, and to your friends, to cut out the chatter on this subject.

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