Elections? The Last thing Israel Needs Right Now

Elections fever got hold of the Israeli political mice like a fire in a dry field, and the media follows them with a ridiculous festival of which we will get sick and tired before long. And after the 400 million Shekels will be wasted, and after the many months till the elections and during the prolonged and exhausting horse trading that would follow, the attention would be completely diverted from the huge and increasingly threatening existential challenges we face, where will the state of Israel find itself? Into which new and sunny territories would these elections lead?

The truth is that the state of Israel would find itself shuffling in exactly the same place, with a government inflated beyond any same proportion, headed by Binyamin Netanyahu, which would still have to zigzag along the convoluted path between extreme rightists and ultra-orthodox extortionists. The power balance between the right and the centre-left would not change significantly, and even if someone within that centre-left would consider taking into the coalition they would be trying to form the ten extreme nationalist Arab members of Knesset, whose sole wish is to see the destruction of the state of Israel, simple arithmetic would not enable them to obtain a majority in the house.

Don’t be mistaken. Bringing forward the elections was not meant to promote the urgent matters of the state. It is all about personal ambitions, some supported by mandate counts and others only backed by the follies of some fancy fliers, detached from reality, who got sick and tired of sitting on the opposition benches. Kadima’s rats, who understood the magnitude of the electoral disaster our friend Mofaz is leading them into, and who have their sights only on personal survival, are already looking for a way to jump ship and join a new party that Tzipi Livni might establish, and so, a party that was born in sin, and that the time has come for it to be wiped off the collective memory, would undergo another superfluous incarnation at the taxpayer’s expense.

I have serious criticism regarding the political and security conduct of the duo Netanyahu and Barak, but would their vociferous critics, the former heads of the security services, who were recently joined by our acquaintance Ehud Olmert, who continuous to travel the world and express his opinions on state matters as if he is not facing those serious corruption allegations, tell the Israeli people directly who would they put their trust in at this very minute to run the national security policy of Israel? Who would they appoint prime minister instead of Netanyahu and in whose hands would they entrust the security portfolio they wish to wrench out of the hands of Barak? What would they do differently? Would they hand over the mountain ridges of the West Bank, which dominate the centre of Israel, to the Hamas? Would the live with an Iran which holds nuclear weapons and the missiles to launch them? If Netanyahu and Barak failed to deliver on his promise to demolish the Gaza terror regime, would Lapid and Yekhimovitch do this?

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