My Candidate for the Next President of Israel – General (Ret.) David Ivry

After watching the shameful Knesset session of which I wrote a few days ago, I thought to myself that there must be someone in the state of Israel who could save the honour of the presidency institution and prevent the appointment of a C class political ‘macher’ and a clock watching party apparatchik to the role, when Shimon Peres finally retires.  After some thought and some reading, I decided to suggest the appointment to the role of General (Ret.) David Ivry.

David Ivry served in the Israeli air force for some 30 years, and filled nearly every possible role, from a young fighter pilot during the 1950s to the commander of the air force between 1977-1982. He commanded both the operation to destroy the Iraqi nuclear reactor and the operation to wipe out the Syrian anti-aircraft missile array in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon during the 1982 war. During his service as a fighter pilot Ivry won a medal of distinction from the then air force commander. After a short period as a civilian, Ivry served as deputy chief of staff and head of IDF operations. After leaving active service he was appointed chairman of Israel Air Industries, and after that fulfilled several highly important political and security related posts including the manager of the ministry of defence, defence minister adviser on strategic issues, head of the national defence council and Israel’s ambassador to the US. In 1987 Ivry lost his son Gil who was an F-16 pilot and was killed in a training accident. These days he carries the title of vice president for Boeing International.

I met David Ivry three times during my military service and had the impression that he was an honest and valuable man. His name was never linked to corruption affairs or to a professional or commanding lack of judgement. I am aware that the appointment of Ezer Weitzman, also a former air force commander, to the role ended uncomfortably, but to my understanding we are dealing here with a completely different type of person, who would bring respect to the presidency.

I therefore suggest the appointment of General (Ret.) David Ivry as Israel’s next president.

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One Response to My Candidate for the Next President of Israel – General (Ret.) David Ivry

  1. Uri Remen says:

    I knew David Ivri in my military service in 1953, as we were undergoing selections for pre- officer training. We were members in the same team. He left an indelible impression on me as a descent, likable, personable, and honest individual. Over the years I learned of his integrity and courage. Yes, absolutely, he has what it takes to be president of the State of Israel.
    Uri Remen, MD

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