The Violent Crime – Total Loss of Control and Its Tragic Consequences

Again, we wake up in the morning to read and hear of more rapes, murders, settling of scores, shootings and stabbings. The minister for interior security, the’ touring minister’ Yitzhak Aharonowitch, conducts another photo shoot tour in some neighbourhood that was run over by tens of thousands of illegal border infiltrators, surrounded by such a security force as if he was touring the city of Gaza. The prime minister is touring the Czech Republic with six of his ministers, and in the Arab village of Taibe members of the crime families secure their fortified compounds with their faces covered, carrying cocked Kalashnikov rifles in broad daylight.

History teaches us that as a result of the crime wave that engulfs the state of Israel, two things will happen in it in the foreseeable future, and both will start in the same neighbourhoods and towns where the plague of violent crime of all types has gone out of control, completely and probably irreversibly.

The first thing will be a constant rise in the number of events in which threatened Israeli citizens will take the law into their own hands using firearms, first as a direct response to acts of violent crime and later, as a wider activity they will consider preventative of violent crime. Needless to say that this activity will also bring the murderers, rapists and the other great lights of our generation to put their knives down and equip themselves with firearms, something that until now was mainly the realm of members of the organised crime, who usually turn these firearms against their own enemies. The result of this vigilante activity will be incredibly dangerous streets and innocent casualties amongst those who would get caught in street battles of the kind we saw recently several times in the Arab villages.

The second thing will be the formation and rapid rise of a secular, extreme right wing political force, similar to the British National Front and sister parties in France, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia, which will take advantage of the chaos, the total loss of sovereignty and security and the complete inaction of the government for its own political advantage, and which will stand for elections by the end of next year achieving electoral gains that at the moment could be considered only as imaginary. Compared to the marches and demonstrations this populist political force will organise in the streets of the crime ridden towns, the social protests of the Rothschild Avenue crowd would look like working mothers’ union tea parties.

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