Publish Immediately the Security Service Agreement with the Hunger Striking Murderers

It is unbelievable how the disgraceful agreement which the security service signed with the murderers of Hamas and the other terror organisations imprisoned in Israel was slipped through and silenced. Other media festivals eclipsed it and the news channels, which are known for their impartial and honest approach, removed the news quickly from their front pages. The cowardice, the folding, the worries, overcame calm judgement, and no one had the courage to appear in front of the cameras and explain to the people of Israel what exactly was promised to these imprisoned murderers for their agreement not to commit suicide with their hunger strike.

Yesterday they were already celebrating the massive propaganda victory in the nationalistic Palestinian town of Sakhnin, which resides at the heart of the state of Israel. With Palestinian flags boldly flying in the wind, the mayor, Mazen Genayem said: “I want to congratulate the security prisoners on their victory,. It proves how strong they are. And we will continue their struggle, we will not forget them and we will celebrate the establishment of the state of Palestine that will have its capital in Jerusalem.” Just that no one gets this wrong, the mayor was not talking about a Muslim Palestinian state with its capital in east Jerusalem, existing alongside a Jewish Israel with its capital in west Jerusalem. Genayem was talking about one Palestinian state over the whole land of Israel, with its capital in Jerusalem and which will be established after the destruction of the state of Israel is completed. My naïve friends who thought they were settling in Misgav – Genayem is hinting for you to prepare your passports – if you manage it in time. Meanwhile, continue buying his Hummus.

Terrorist murderers are not prisoners of war. If Israel elects, out of humanitarian considerations, to apply the Geneva Convention to them, then that is its choice. Beyond that the state owes them nothing. I do not recall British families visiting their prisoners of war in German prisoner camps. I also do not recall Aviva and Noam Shalit visiting Gilad in his five years of kidnap. Television channels? University studies? Has someone lost their mind there?

The surrender of the state and the bodies entrusted with its security is another step in the one-way slide towards the abyss of lost sovereignty. It will have a dire price, most of which we will only discover in the future. Would whoever took the decision to surrender to the demands of the murderers and to abandon again the security of the state and its deterrence stand up and explain his motives to the Israeli people.

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