Egypt – on the Road to a Hundred Years of Darkness

My heart goes out to the Egyptian minority of young, educated, freedom and progress seeking liberals. One year since the Arab spring and there is not one of them who still believes that the revolution that demolished Mubarak’s regime has brought or will bring the future of which they were dreaming when they went out to the streets and the squares. The burning down of Ahmed Shafik’s election headquarters will change nothing – events have long gone out of their control, and if they will fail Shafik, who exactly will they get in his place? Mursi, the Islamic Brother? This is what happens when you give democratic tools in the hands of 80 million people of which 70% still live in the tenth century. Like handing out machine guns to kindergarten children before play time and be surprised by the bloody outcome.

Egypt is marching down the certain path towards a hundred years of darkness, ignorance, illiteracy and suppression. The Muslim Brotherhood will teach every intractable man and especially woman how one should behave in an extremist Islamist state that implements Sharia law at its best. The army will continue to keep its separate and preferred status, enjoying the flow of American money and keeping the stability of the regime in return. One hand washing another murderous hand.

And the enlightened leaders of the western world that so praised the fall of Mubarak’s regime, from US president Barak Hussein Obama to Israel’s president Shimon Peres and his new Middle East, are keeping very quiet now. Softening and smoothing the bad news, trying to cast a positive light on them, including the fact that the Israel – Egypt peace agreement is a dead duck floating in the water. How blind can one be, even if you are a president?

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