“Grovelling State, Castrated Leadership, Trampled National Pride…” Said Ancido the Mud Man

Yesterday, Israel’s media channels carried out descriptions of the disgraceful ‘gesture’ made by Israel’s prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu to Abu Mazen – the return of the bodies of 100 Palestinian murderers, the worst of the human beasts these miserable people brought forth during the last 40 years or so. Below one of the articles, amongst the rest of the angry responses, a man calling himself ‘Ancido the Mud Man’ wrote the following words: “Grovelling state, castrated leadership, trampled national pride…” (which rhymes and sounds much better in Hebrew: “Medina mitrapeset, hanhaga mesoreset, gaava leumit nirmeset…”). Dear Ancido, I thought that your comment was so sharp and precise that, with your permission, I used it as the title for this article.

Israel’s leaders during the last 10-15 years autisticcally refuse to understand and take in the severe and long term significance of each disgraceful surrender Israel makes in the face of its sworn enemies who etched its destruction on their flags. What a huge morale boost the murderers from Lebanon, the west bank and Gaza receive when Israel folds, retreats, returns live prisoners in return for dead bodies and dead bodies in return for nothing. The speeches that were heard in Ramallah were not speeches of gratitude, reconciliation and peace – they promised more of the same. More murderers, more blood, more bodies. Already this morning we received the thanks of the Palestinians when the IDF soldier Netanel Moshiashvilli was murdered by a terrorist who infiltrated Israeli territory from Gaza.

The prime minister has already tried to carry out this idiotic gesture a year ago, but the idea was put on hold. Now, using his loyal messenger the lawyer Yitzhak Molcho, Netanyahu passed a letter to Abu Mazen in which he informed him of the implementation of the ingenious idea. Will Mr Netanyahu stand up in front of the cameras and the microphones and explain to the Israeli voters why this gesture was made, and in return for what.

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