Mole 3 – Operation Order


The summary operation order you will read below is the fruit of my feverish imagination. Any resemblance between it and the sad reality is unfortunately completely accidental. The purpose is to wake up the commanders of Israel’s Air Force Ltd. and the political and military leadership which is supposed to activate it in the defence of the peace and security of Israel’s citizens, and to remind this respectable bunch what those citizens are expecting from their air force in return to the tens of billions of dollars they had invested in it.


Top Secret

Mole 3

Operation Order


The destruction of the smuggling tunnels infrastructure along the Philadelphi route to stop the supply of advanced weapons from Iran and Libya to the Gazan terror organisations and in response to murderous terror activity along the Israel Egypt border.

Participating Forces

12 fighter squadrons of the IAF.

Time Table

The operation will start at first light on Tuesday 19 June 2012 and will end at first light on Thursday 21 June.


The IAF will attack the weapon smuggling tunnel infrastructure of the Philadelphi route during 48 consecutive hours and at a rate of four aircraft every ten minutes. Each of the 12 participating squadrons will launch a four aircraft formation every two hours. In all 1,152 sorties will take place and 3,456 tonnes of ordnance will be dropped. Each aircraft will carry out in average 3 bombing runs on each sortie. The tunnels located outside densely populated areas will be attacked first, and at the same time leaflets will be dropped from the air warning this population that the attacks would be widened to cover populated areas and ordering it to clear the area immediately to the north until the end of the operation.


Each aircraft will carry 3 tonnes of bombs ranging in weight from 250 to 1,000 kg. The types of bombs and their guidance methods will be determined by the different targets, their proximity to the border with Egypt and to concentrations of civil populations. For some 70% of the tunnels there exists precise intelligence which will enable their destruction using relatively light weight bombs. The rest of the tunnels, where exact routes are not known, will be attacked with heavier bombs.


The Gazan terror organisations hold several types of advanced anti-aircraft shoulder launched missiles, both soviet and western made. With the launch of the operation these organisations are expected to respond with a massive firing of rockets on the cities of southern and central Israel. The IAF has deployed its Iron Dome batteries to pre-planned locations and squadrons of drones and helicopter gunships will attack rocket launching squads in real time. A sharp response accompanied by military threats is also expected from the new Egyptian regime. The Israeli government will deal with these threats in close coordination with the American administration.

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