Guest Article – Supertanker of Neglect

By Yehonatan Shiran

Slowly slowly, when I watched the huge plumes of smoke rising up, I understood that we are faced with a natural disaster which will hit us consciously, socially and nationally at a level approaching that of the Yom Kippur war.

We were surprised, we geared up, we went out to halt, we asked for help from the world, we overcame and we buried the dead.

The intensive pain that flooded me was mixed with another sensation: shame. Our Chanuka miracle ended when foreign aircraft sent by the states of Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and other countries started landing. At that moment I understood that the state of Israel, with its mighty army, its developed economy, the massive hi-tech, fell down on its knees and could not cope with a forest fire that in other countries is considered of a medium magnitude.

The frightened faces of the prime minister and the other ministers said it all. We did not think, we did not know, it is not our fault. It was our predecessors in the role that failed. Dealing with the unimportant, not taking responsibility for the future and cowardly political subversion are the reasons to the Carmel disaster and the national disgrace.

After the state’s comptroller report will be published and the storm will calm down, we ourselves will need to reckon, how did we let a bunch of incapable people like these lead us and the state of Israel into the 21st century.

Divisions, political rot, corruption, all these will lead Israel into a disaster that perhaps next time we would not be able to come out of.

The strongest words were said by Superintendent (Ret.) Zeev Even-Khen who lost his daughter Topaz RIP.

“You are taking the risk that you and your children will be the next in line. An earth quake, a Tsunami, dangerous substances, chemical missiles, the houses will shake and there will not be 40 dead, there will be 40,000 dead. And then they will say in the government – we did not know, there were no budgets. The state of Israel was exposed naked, at the height of its weakness. Our enemies around look and are pleased. We are losing our deterrence, we have no leadership, we must not wait to the next hit. Anybody who cares about the state must stand up and shout.”

In memory of the dead and to the future of the state of Israel.

Yehonatan Shiran is a regular reader and responder of ‘With Much Courage and Peace’

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