Finally – a Few Encouraging News

You may not have noticed, but the last few days brought with them a few encouraging news, after a long period of glum.

In Damascus, the Hamas man Kamal Ranaja, known as Abu Mujahad, who was the right hand man of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, the saint from Dubai, was eliminated. It appears that the assassins also managed to lay their hands on many document folders. Ranaja joins a long list of terror activists taken out by Israel over the years. As Yossi Sarid once said – Abu after Abu.

The Turks and the Syrians are positioning large armoured forces on their mutual border, as a follow-up to the shooting down of the Turkish spy plane and on the background of a possible intervention by other countries in events in Syria. Every Syrian tank destroyed by the Turks is one less Syrian tank Israel will have to destroy when the day comes.  Every Turkish tank destroyed by the Syrians will be a punch in the face of Isreal’s hater Erdogan.  May they be many.

The issue of national service for all – including the ultra-orthodox and the Arabs – is finally getting the attention it has been evading for dozens of years. Rights go hand in hand with duties. When I was a boy in the 1960s, whoever avoided military service, and you could count them on the fingers of one hand, did not get a driving licence and could not find a job. As I wrote once – if it makes Tibi and Zuabi scream murder, then it is good for the Jews.

Arab youngsters setting fire to Jerusalem’s forests on a terrorist nationalistic background, are beginning to appear in courts. Even the police and the fire brigade stopped plastering over the truth and admitted immediately that the huge fire on the highway to Jerusalem that miraculously ended with no fatalities was an arson attack. Let us hope that the next step will be the real-time treatment of arson terrorists carrying fuel cans and tyres as if they were carrying Kalashnikov rifles and bombs. There is no difference.

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